Lightoven II

Many enthusiastic users of the Lightoven would have liked to have more capacity and variability. With the new Lightoven II, you can feed your entire family. You just have to stack two pots with a total content of 3 liters and place them in the focus. Temperatures up to 220°C (428°F) even allow for frying and baking. The inclination of the reflector is infinitely variable. The result is an optimum performance at all solar altitudes. If there is no sunshine, the associated spirit stove can be used.

We offer the Lightoven II in two variants – either as a supplementary set for the Lightoven I or complete with its own reflector.

Our price: € 269,-

These are the advantages of the new model:

  • Variable content between 0 and 3 liters (3.2 US-quarts)
  • Suitable for all solar altitudes and regions
  • Adjustment rarely necessary
  • Including durable press studs
  • High temperature allows for frying and baking
  • High-quality set of pots including a spirit stove

The complete Lightoven II set contains:

  • Solar reflector, infinitely variable and with press studs
  • Set of pots made from hard-anodized aluminum
  • Spirit stove including wind protection
  • 2 pots (1.7 and 1.5 liters)
  • Lid/soup plate
  • Pan/dinner plate
  • Heat insulation tube with thermo lid
  • Trivet and tongs
  • Microfiber bag and packing strap

New: The cooking set



You can purchase the cooking set comprising hard-anodized pots and a spirit stove but not including a solar reflector at a price of

€ 149,-

including shipment costs. Thus, you will have more opportunities to cook – even without sunshine.